About Us

The FORUM Institute is an independent think-tank founded in 1996 as a successor of three NGOs working in early 90´s (FORUM – in support of the civil society in South-Slovakia and the Slovak-Hungarian relations, KATEDRA – in support of the minority education and CIVITAS – in support of the development of local governments). Its seat is in Šamorín/Somorja, near Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

The Forum Institute has been engaged in sociological, historical, ethnological and regional research related to national minorities in (Czecho-)Slovakia and their relations to the major nation. In addition, the FI has the following semi-autonomous organizational units: Bibliotheca Hungarica, a research library and archives, the European Ethnological Centre and the Interethnic Research Centre, which is the successor of the SÁNDOR MÁRAI Foundation.

The Institute is located in a modern, easily accessible building, with well equipped offices and a multimedia auditorium well-suited for lectures, workshops and seminars for up to 60 participants.

The Institute forms a consortium with the Forum Regional Development Centre (local and regional development projects, cross-border cooperation) and the Forum Information Centre (clearing house and coordination focal point for a network of regional NGOs from South-Slovakia.)

The Institute´s main activities concern research regarding a number of minority issues. FI regularly organizes seminars, workshops and conferences. Over the 15 years of its existence, the Institute has issued more than 150 publications and organised more than 100 conferences, seminars and colloquia. The publications were made available via a number of institutions, such as libraries, state institutions, schools, NGOs, research institutes and others. They are also made available via internet and used for further research by scholars and students. More information and specific references on this subject can be found on the Institute´s web pages at www.foruminst.sk in three languages.

Moreover, the Institute participates in several educational projects, projects supporting multiculturalism, equal opportunities and minority participation in the society, supports civil society development. It cooperates with a number of institutions, both within Slovakia and outside its borders. As coordinator of the activities of the Roundtable of Hungarians of Slovakia formed by 104 NGOs, the Institute actively contributes to the development of the Hungarian and other minorities of Slovakia.